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Project Description

Appfabric Admin tool is a GUI tool provided for Cache Administration. This tool can be used for both Appfabric 1.0 and 1.1 versions.

Software Requirement

  1. Powershell must be installed. [More Info : ]
  2. Appfabric Caching Administration feature must be installed in the server, where this tool will be installed.

[More Info : ]

[Download: ]


Additional Tools

  1. log4net is used for logging purposes. [More Info : ]

Tool Description

The initial view of tool looks like below. The current version (v1.0) has following features.

1) Cache Administration.

2) Cache Operation.

3) Test Cache.

4) Powershell output window.

5) Run scripts in script window.

6) Logging enabled. ( File log and Event viewer log)


Query / Suggestions

For any queries ,complements and suggestions please write to or .

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